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Journal and Publications

Below is a list of journals and publications produced by MAN that can be downloaded. Hard copies are available at the MAN office and resource centre.  

Useful Links

Museums Association of Namibia YouTube Channel Visit this site to watch all the MAN-related videos, launches, and more.

Namibia 1953-1954 Project
Between 1953-1954, over 750 sound and other documents were recorded with over 200 people from across Namibia. This platform hopes to make this vast material more accessible to a broader Namibian public and families in particular. “Namibia 1953-54” provides a list of names of those individuals whose voices, narratives, songs and poetry were recorded and whose images were taken. Each name is linked to an index card that lists the number of available images, audio recordings and written records for that person.

International Council of Museums (ICOM) 
"Museums have no borders, they have a network". Visit this site to become a member of ICOM and join the international network.

Job Descriptions for Namibian Museum Professionals 
This is a guide that you may find useful when planning on staffing for your museums at a regional and national level. This document details the “ideal” staffing complement for a museum but we are aware that it may not be the reality on the ground due to funding, expertise, and other constraints and sometimes due to the size of the museum (a museum which is smaller will not need this many staff, however, a bigger museum may need to duplicate some of the positions). However, it can still serve as a point of reference for planning.

Starting Your Museum – A Quick Guide
This is a short, simplified document that can serve as a quick “checklist”.

Namibian Museum Guidebook

Guidebooks to Namibian Museums published by the MAN.

Namibian Museums Guidebook Issue 1

Museum Matters

Museum Matters, the regularly released journal of the MAN.


Some handbooks for use by Museums produced by MAN

Annual Reports

Exhibition Guidebooks

Guidebooks and Handbooks for Exhibitions made by MAN.

Other Publications

Recommended Museum

The Living Museum of the Damara close to Twyfelfontein is the first traditional Damara project in Namibia and the only one of its kind. The possibility to experience the traditional Damara culture in this form exists nowhere else in Namibia or in the world.

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