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Join MAN - Become a member

Museums in Namibia are generally run with very limited finances. Often their most valuable resource is the support provided by members of the local community. By joining MAN you will show your willingness to support the development of our museum sector. Whilst your financial contribution will help us to achieve our goals, we hope that the information that you receive from us will also encourage you to get actively involved in museum development.

Why should I join MAN?

  • All members will receive our bi-annual newsletter, Museum Matters.
  • All members will be invited to our Annual General Meeting and Conference.
  • Members can apply to participate in training courses organized by MAN.
  • Stay updated with what’s happening in the industry by receiving online news on events and workshops
  • All members may apply for Grants
  • All members have access to the materials in the MAN Resource Centre
  • Members receive discounted Prices on MAN Merchandise
  • Any member may serve as a representation on Advisory Committee and Executive Committee if elected by the AGM
  • Members have the opportunity to network with other museum professionals.

Types of MAN Membership

MAN has four types of membership namely ordinary members, honorary members, corporate and institutional members.

1. Ordinary Members - N$150.00 per year per individual
Any person shall be eligible for membership as an ordinary member of MAN.

2. Honorary life members - No Membership Fee
At any annual general meeting of MAN, the Executive Committee may propose one honorary life member to be elected by a majority of the members present at such a meeting, and any such honorary life member shall be subject to the rules and regulations of MAN and enjoy the privileges of membership without payment of subscription.

3. Corporate members
Any registered company or business wishing to support the aims, objectives, and functions of MAN.

4. Institutional Members
National and International institutions concerned with issues of Museums and the protection and presentation of Cultural Heritage. Institutions also include the members of local groups, study groups, and branches of MAN.

For Corporate and Institutional members, the membership fee is based on whether or not the museum is open to the public.

  • Associate membership (Projects or institutions that have not yet opened as museums) N$250.00 per year
  • Museum Members (For fully functioning museums) N$450.00 per year.

How do I join MAN?

To become a MAN member or to renew your membership, simply complete the MAN Membership Form 2024 and email it to us at together with the proof of payment for your membership fee and a certified copy of your ID (not older than 5 years).