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About MAN

Launched in 1990, MAN is a Non-Governmental, community development focussed organisation representing museums and heritage, institutions and practitioners throughout Namibia. MAN is an organization of museums, institutions, and people in Namibia, which aims to promote museology and all matters pertaining thereto. Since 2002, MAN has been officially recognized by the Namibian Government as the voice of Namibian museums and receives an annual grant-in-aid from the Ministry of Education, Arts and Culture “... to facilitate the establishment of heritage institutions at the regional and local level and to support such institutions by providing guidance, assistance and expertise where necessary and possible”.

MAN strives to define, support and aid museums and museum institutions, establish and reinforce the museum profession in Namibia, and facilitate cooperation and mutual assistance between museums and between members of the museum profession locally, regionally and internationally. Finally, MAN strives to emphasise the role played by museums and the museum profession within each community and in the promotion of more excellent knowledge and understanding among people. Our members include museums, cultural villages, art galleries, libraries, archives, heritage sites, companies and individuals who are passionate about our heritage, art and culture.

Mission Statement

The Museums Association of Namibia (MAN) is a facilitating organisation for museums and other institutions in the heritage sector. It aims to establish, maintain and strengthen relations between all concerned with the study, practice, preservation, protection, dissemination and promotion of national heritage in Namibia in cooperation with regional and international organizations for the benefit of all Namibians.

What does the Museums Association of Namibia do?

The Museums Association of Namibia achieves the fulfilment of its mandate and mission statement by:

  • Supporting and encouraging the establishment and development of museums throughout Namibia.
  • Promoting the meaningful use of museums in Namibia by emphasizing their existence and crucial role in national, and socio-economic development.
  • Promoting the preservation and documentation of cultural and natural heritage in Namibia.
  • Establishing, maintaining and strengthening relations between all concerned with the study, practice, preservation, protection, dissemination and promotion of cultural and natural heritage in Namibia.
  • Developing and improving professional standards by initiating and coordinating training programmes and workshops for museum personnel.
  • Providing training to museum workers and encouraging young people to consider a career in the heritage sector through an internship scheme.
  • Developing and maintaining a heritage network in Namibia to encourage greater cooperation and communication between stakeholders in the heritage sector.
  • Promoting cooperation between national, regional and international institutions concerned with the use of museums as research, educational and recreational resources and tourist attractions.
  • Forging partnerships between local museums, institutions and government bodies with international museums, bodies and institutions.
  • Seeking the repatriation of cultural property of Namibian origin held in museums outside Namibia and seeking to prevent the illegal trade in cultural artefacts from Namibia.

MAN Constitution

MAN Membership

We have four categories of membership, as follows:

  • Ordinary Individual Members
  • Honorary life members
  • Institutional Members (Full and Associate)
  • Corporate members

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MAN membership

MAN organisational structure

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