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Museums in Central Namibia

An overview of museums in the Central part of Namibia. Click on the museum to read more about it and to make a booking to visit the museum.

  • Cheetah Conservation Fund

    Cheetah Conservation Fund is a NGO fighting for the survival of the cheetah in its natural habitat. CCF also features a visitor and research centre which provides fascinating insights into the life of the fastest land mammal on earth.

  • Damara Living Museum

    The Living Museum of the Damara close to Twyfelfontein is the first traditional Damara project in Namibia and the only one of its kind. The possibility to experience the traditional Damara culture in this form exists nowhere else in Namibia or in the world.

  • Grootfontein Museum

    The Grootfontein Museum in Grootfontein is one of the most versatile and interesting museums in Namibia featuring various exhibitions about Namibia's interesting past.

  • Helvi Mpingana Kondombolo Cultural Village

    The Cultural Village in Tsumeb is an open-air museum aimed at promoting various Namibian cultures to local residents and tourists. 

  • Museum of Namibian Fashion

    The Museum of Namibian Fashion will provide an opportunity for visitors to view historical items of clothing and accessories, as well as contemporary designs inspired by Namibia’s rich history and cultural diversity.

  • Tsumeb Museum

    The Tsumeb Museum focuses on Tsumeb’s mining industry and its history as well as on the artillery which was dumped into the Otjikoto Lake by the German Schutztruppe during the First World War.