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Museum of Namibian Fashion

Museums are the custodians of our cultural heritage. For the Museum of Namibian Fashion, MAN believes that it is important to preserve the artefacts in this museum because their meaning and design can and will inspire young Namibians working in the creative industries.

It is for this reason that MAN held a stakeholder’s workshop to discuss the concept of establishing a Museum of Namibian Fashion. The idea is that the museum will provide an opportunity for visitors to view historical items of clothing and accessories, as well as contemporary designs inspired by Namibia’s rich history and cultural diversity. The workshop produced some lively discussions about the definition of Namibian Fashion, which was important in determining the scope of the museum. Participants also urged collaboration with archaeologists and rock art specialists so that the pre-photography history of Namibian clothing can be included in the museum.

The museum contains six galleries with permanent displays.

Museum of Namibian Fashion



Opening Hours:
Monday: 08h00-13H00, 14H00-17h00
Tuesday: 08h00-13H00, 14H00-17h00
Wednesday: 08h00-13H00, 14H00-17h00
Thursday: 08h00-13H00, 14H00-21h00
Friday: 08h00-13H00, 14H00-17h00


Curator: Kevanhu Alfred Muifi

Cell: +264 81 8964 039
Facebook Page:
Instagram: @museumofnamibian 


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Street Address: Erf 235 Park Road, Otjiwarongo, Otjozondjupa Region, Namibia