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[Watch Video] #NHW2020 Hendrik Witbooi Exhibition | National Archives of Namibia


Ms Beauty Matongo, Head of the National Archives introduces a lecture by Mr Werner Hillebrecht about Hendrik Witbooi. Learn more about the man whose face is on our Namibian dollars. Kindly note that the viewing of the original exhibition will only be done when the National Archives of Namibia open to the public again.   

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[Watch Video] #NHW2020 | Zambezi Museum

The Zambezi Region Culture Office organised a clay pot making competition for Namibian Heritage Week. The idea is for the skills to be passed on to the younger generation as part of the region's intangible cultural heritage. Ms Lisho, the Deputy-Director also joined the competitors to create her own pot. The best pots will be displayed in the Zambezi Museum that...

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[Watch Video] #NHW2020 | Museum of Namibian Fashion | Ongodo/Ongondo


MAN would like to use Namibian Heritage Week to introduce you to our plan to develop a Virtual Museum of Namibian Fashion. The museum will feature photographs of historical and contemporary clothing and accessories. We will make the site interactive and welcome comments and contributions that might feature in the museum when it is launched by the end of 2020. We...

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[Watch Video] National Earth Science Museum #NHW2020


A narrated film of the National Earth Science Museum’s exhibition and the collections.  

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[Watch Video] Namibia 1953 | #NHW2020


The theme for Namibian Heritage Week this year is about exploring ways that we can use the internet to provide access to archives, museums and cultural heritage despite our present difficulties. The Museums Association of Namibia would like to introduce a web site that will help people search through a collection of voice recordings and photographs of Namibians dating from...

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[Watch Video] Let's Chat - Namibian Heritage Week 2020


Let's chat! leave a comment below. 

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MAN Mobile Exhibitions Catalogue


The Museums Association of Namibia has developed numerous mobile exhibitions in our aim to have "museums without walls" which is a way to bring museums to the people, no matter where they are. For that reason, we encourage our member museums, schools, and institutions to borrow our exhibitions to showcase in their towns and regions.  To loan a mobile exhibition, complete this...

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