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The Museums Association of Namibia (MAN) is an umbrella organisation that represents all Namibian museums. As a representative body it supports museums in various ways such as in the field of training, funding and the networking of professionals.

The Museums Association of Namibia is a Non-Governmental Organisation representing museums and heritage institutions throughout Namibia. It receives an annual grant from the Namibian Government and has been tasked “. . . to facilitate the establishment of heritage institutions at regional and local level and to support such institutions by providing guidance, assistance and expertise where necessary and possible”.


What does the Museums Association of Namibia do ?

1. The Museums Association of Namibia has been officially recognized by the Namibian Government as the voice of Namibian museums and we lobby on issues of concern raised by our members.
2. The Museums Association of Namibia supports and encourages the establishment and development of museums throughout Namibia.
3. The Museums Association of Namibia actively seeks to encourage links between museums and other partners to enhance their role as educational resources and tourist attractions.
4. The Museums Association of Namibia provides training to museum workers and encourages young people to consider a career in the heritage sector through an internship scheme.
5. The Museums Association of Namibia is proactive to develop a heritage network in Namibia to encourage greater co-operation and communication between stakeholders in the heritage sector.
6. The Museums Association of Namibia is involved in seeking the repatriation of cultural property held in museums overseas and seeks to prevent the illegal trade in cultural artifacts from Namibia.
7. The Museums Association of Namibia actively participates in international bodies such as ICOM and AFRICOM to ensure that issues of concern to Namibia are raised at this platform. We also seek to build co-operative links with our sister organizations in neighbouring countries.

Did you know that there is a museum in almost every region in Namibia? That means there is a museum near you!

Benefits of Visiting a Namibian Museum

1. Museums make you feel good – They have a calming effect.
2. Museums make you smarter – They Expand your horizons and teach you lessons in humanity
3. Museums provide an effective way of learning
4. Museums are community centers
5. Museums inspire - They offer ways to stimulate new ideas, resulting in the creation of more art, including music, architecture, interior designing, and creative writing.
6. Museums help bring change and development to communities
7. Museums are a great way to spend time with friends and family - They are a great recreational activity that give you access to experiences that you don’t usually experience every day. They also create great food for conversation
8. A museum may be your next community partner or business endeavor.
9. Museums need your support in order to keep educating and inspiring people
10. There is a museum close to you

How to find a Namibian Museum Near You

Visit and click on the “Museums” tab.
Select the location where you are e.g. “Central” and you will see all of the museums near you.
Click on the museum(s) that interest you to see what you can find at that museum and other important information such as the museum’s contact details, opening times etc.

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