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Jasper House Museum

Jasper House Heritage Centre 2020

Jasper House Museum has collections related to the Migrant Labour System and the history of mining in Oranjemund, art installations, wildlife, geology, archaeology and conservation, everyday life in Oranjemund and the future of the town.

The Jasper House Museum is an effort by the community of Oranjemund, led by OMDis, Namdeb and OMD 2030 to reflect on the town’s history and think forward to its future. This museum is situated in what was the first mine General Manager’s house. It was used for various purposes over the years before becoming the heritage centre in 1989. Over many decades, volunteers slowly built a collection for the museum consisting now of over 4000 objects. On display is a selection of this collection showcasing the social, mining and natural histories of Oranjemund and the surrounding area. The interior of the museum was renovated and the displays were revamped in 2021 in a combined effort by OMDis, Namdeb, and OMD2030.

Oranjemund and Its Future 

Oranjemund was founded on the back of diamond mining as an accessory to the mine. It has a history that is unlike any other town or city in Namibia and indeed the world. Oranjemund is heavily dependent on mining, however, it is the nature of all mines to have a limited life span. Understanding this threat, Namdeb, the Oranjemund Town Council and the residents of Oranjemund have actively engaged in efforts to imagine and create an Oranjemund that can be sustainable for its residents beyond its link to diamond mining. The original lifespan of mining in this area has been extended several times due to successes in new prospecting on- and off-shore. Despite this, Oranjemund is still preparing itself for a time when mining operations slow and then eventually halt. Privately owned businesses and community projects have been encouraged to develop in the town since the early 90s. In 2014, Namdeb officially launched the Town Transformation programme, which saw the co-creation of a vision of a sustainable town by 2030. More recently and as a result of the Town Transformation programme, organisations like OMD2030 and OMDis were founded and have made it their mission to place the Oranjemund community and it’s future at the centre of their work. These organisations will do so by transitioning from a mining-based community to a more normalised town, and by diversifying the local economy away from mining.


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Geraldine Kavari
Tel: +264 63 234323
Facebook: OMD2030


  • Guided tours of the museum
  • Two Art Installation rooms
  • The Future Room


7th Avenue, Oranjemund, Namibia