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Outapi War Museum

The Outapi war museum is a non political and privately owned initiative created to preserve and exhibit artifacts, posters, photographs and weapons of war used during the conflict by all sides.

The museum strives to respect the history, life's and dignity of all combatants involved in the conflict.

The museum further strives to impartially educate younger generations and all visitors to the museum and will create an exciting history and outreach program which will run border tours to areas of past battle.

The museum will endeavour to create reconciliation, peace and harmony amongst all former combatants involved in the war.

The museum also offers safe, first class accommodation with airconditioned rooms at their unique bed and breakfast in the bunkers of this ex SADF base.

Now a major tourist destination en route to the Ruacana waterfalls

Outapi War Museum



  • PO Box 1164, Outapi
  • Tel: 065-251567
  • Email: