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Onandjokwe Medical Museum



The museum has a collection of real medical equipment and photographs dating back as far as 1908. There are permanent exhibitions which feature the history of the hospital during the liberation struggle. A highlight is the Traditional Medicine Garden which shows the use of plants as medicines. Medical personnel, enthusiasts and students of nursing, medicine, and dentistry will benefit from treasured knowledge of the evolution of medical technology over the years by visiting the growing collection at the museum.


  1. Museum Galleries: We provide guided tours for our visitors through our galleries, which display objects and images with Onandjokwe medical historical significance.
  2. Medicine Garden; We provide a guided tour through our Traditional Medicine Garden, where we display the uses of various plants as medicines.
  3. Museum Children's Library; We provide children with a short medical quiz and assignment to write a short Biography of Dr. Selma Rainio. We also give children books to read for fun and educational purpose. Children are given crayons and pencils to make drawings about hygiene, health awareness and medical matters.
  4. Visiting the Healing Angels’ Graves: We provide a short tour to visitors, who would like to visit the Shrine of Dr. Selma Rainio and the graves of other Onandjokwe Pioneer Nurses. Here the visitors may lay a flower and read a poem or a prayer to the healing angels.
  5. At Onandjokwe Museum Café: The visitors have an opportunity to sit and enjoy local traditional food and drinks.
  6. A Short Walk: To explore Selma Rainio Private Hospital and the historical buildings used as Onandjokwe Nursing School.


Operating Hours

08h00-17h00 (Monday to Friday).
A special arrangement can be done during weekends, public holidays and after working hours.


Onandjokwe Main street