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Khwe Living Museum

The Living Museum offers a fascinating impression of the ancient hunter-gatherer culture of the San. The museum village consists of some traditional gras huts around which the pristine way of life and pre-colonial culture of the Khwe is illustrated. Visitors experience traditional dances, receive an insight into the ancestral world and see, smell and feel the historical life of the Khwe. Hereby emphasis is put on presenting the old hunter-gatherer culture as authentic as possible.

Many of the programs offered are interactive, for example guests can test their skills forging an arrow or braiding a bracelet from papyrus. A short walk through the bush, which is frequently visited by antelopes and other wildlife from the nearby National Park, is also part of the program. Here the Khwe demonstrate their excellent talent in tracking and trapping.

 Khwe Living Museum


  • Established: 2020
  • Members / Staff: 30
  • Role:  Interpretation / Living History Group, Traditional (Ethnographic) Open-Air Museum

Entrance Fees / Opening Hours

  • Hours: Open every day from 08:30 - 17:00
  • Entrance fees: Depending on program. 5 programs from N$ 100.00 - N$ 300.00 per person.