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“Namibiab |ō|gauba Sao” - “Follow the Namibian Beat”

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1. What is Namibian Heritage Week?
Heritage Week is an opportunity for Namibians to showcase our heritage. The week encourages all Namibians to celebrate and commit themselves to protect our wonderful natural and cultural resources. Namibia’s major heritage institutions have joined together as a team to organize Namibian Heritage Week. As an umbrella organisation for museums country wide, the Museums Association of Namibia (MAN) facilitates regional activities through its members during this week.

This year, the theme for Heritage Week is “Namibiab |ō|gauba Sao” which means “Follow the Namibian Beat” in KhoeKhoegowab. The Heritage Week Team decided that each year the theme for heritage week will use a local indigenous language as part of our commitment to promoting pride in our cultural diversity. The planned activity should reflect the theme of Namibian Heritage Week.

2. What is the Heritage Week Fund?
The Heritage Week Fund is available for MAN’s institutional and associate members who are interested in creating a programme of activities for Heritage Week. The maximum grant that can be awarded to each member is N$10,000. The grants are being provided this year with funding provided by the National Arts Council of Namibia. We encourage the co-ordination of activities within a region and encourage members to seek partnerships and additional sponsorship for their events.

3. Is your museum/organisation eligible for a Heritage Week Grant?
Applicants must be fully paid up Institutional or Associate members of the Museums Association of Namibia for the calendar year for which the application is made. Please note that grants are not available to individual members and that no funds will be paid into personal bank accounts.

4. What activities can be funded?
Activities in the following categories might be funded:
• Traditional Skills Demonstrations
• Promotional Material
• Temporary Exhibitions
• Activities and Educational Materials for schools
• Storytelling and Presentations
• Guided tours for school groups
• Cultural performances

5. What are the grant conditions?
5.1 All grant applications must be typed. No handwritten applications will be accepted.
5.2 A museum/organisation should not have any outstanding reports pertaining to previous MAN grants received.
5.3 Funds must only be spent for the purposes outlined in the Heritage Week Grant Application. Only activities that take place during the Namibian Heritage Week will be funded. (16– 22 September 2019)
5.4 The MAN logo should appear on all promotional material produced for the week.
5.5 Successful grant applicants must submit a full narrative and financial report within two weeks of the end of Heritage Week. The financial report must include the original receipts to account for all expenditure. Any money which is not adequately accounted for must be returned to MAN.
5.6 In the event that Heritage Week Activities are cancelled, please inform the Operations Manager immediately and return any unspent funds.

6. How do I apply for a grant?
Complete the application form, and attach all the required documents such as quotations and cost calculations and send it to

7. How are grant applications assessed?
Each grant application is assessed on its own merits and in the context of other applications, and against the Grant Assessment Criteria listed above.

8. When will we know if we are successful?
All applicants will be notified 2 weeks after the deadline: 15 June 2019

9. When are applications due?
The deadline for grant applications is 31 May 2019 at midnight. No late applications will be considered.Namibian Heritage Week 2019 General Poster email

Recommended Museum

The "Little Hunter's Museum" of the Ju/'Hoansi-San close to Tsumkwe offers visitors the exclusive possibility within Namibia to experience an original hunt, apart from getting to know a very old hunter- gatherer culture.

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